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Steps to make your Eyebrows on 'Fleek'

Well, first of all, eyebrows on 'fleek' means that your eyebrows are perfect. But, what we all want to know is how to get eyebrows on fleek.

STEP 1 - Preparation

You must find your face's unique eyebrow shape and experiment with different eyebrow thicknesses. Afterwards, you should tweeze, wax or thread away around your eyebrow to keep it clean and not messy.

STEP 2 - Fill and Define

There are many different products you can use on your eyebrows to get them on fleek for example eyebrow gel, cream, powder or pencil. First, you should fill in any gaps in your eyebrows then you can define them to give them a more stronger shape. After that, you can use a pencil and try to use feather-like strokes to give a more fuller eyebrow effect with natural hairs.

STEP 3 - Finalising

When you eyebrows are currently on fleek you should: apply concealer thinly around your eyebrows give make them look clean then apply highlighter underneath the brow bone to make your eyebrows pop and finally you can use baking powder to set your eyebrows for the day and reduce oil build up which prevents greasy brows.