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Highlighter - The Secret to a Standing out Glow.

Highlighter is the way to stand out, glow and also pop your contour to the next level. However, here are different formulas of highlighter such as powder, cream and liquid. Liquid tends to be more of a subtle glow and it makes your foundation dewy. Cream highlighter is great for dry skin and powder works well for oily skin combinations and it is usually the strongest type of highlighter.

Colours of Highlighters

For each skin tone there are different colours and shades of highlighter for example peachy-pink, gold, bronze, light blue and more.

For pale to fair skin - peachy pink/icy blue, fair to medium skin tones - light gold/vanilla, olive skin - rose gold/bronze, darker skin - deep gold.

How and where to apply Highlighter

Highlighter can be applied by your fingers, a brush or a beauty blender depending on preferences. It should be applied above contour and blush, slightly under the eyebrows, middle of forehead, to the chin to give a pointy illusion, on the top of lips, the bridge and tip of your nose. To therefore, make your face glow and stun people with the shiny pang!

Our Recommendations of Highlighters:

- Jeffree Star Liquid Frost

- Huda beauty 3D highlighter palette