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Face Baking 'The Game changer '| My Everyday Makeup routine

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Face baking is the Celebrity trend, if you want that contoured face with a flawless finish, baking is the answer. To bake you should use loose powder ( see my recommendations below) apply the loose powder under the eyes to stop creasing, under the blusher to help your cheeks look chiselled and help your jawline bounce off light, above your eyebrows to balance the colour of your forehead and shape, side of your nose to snatch the nose and don't forget to apply some on the chin to make the bottom of your face look narrow. Once you have placed the loose powder on your face areas with either a beauty blender or a fluffy brush you must leave it alone for at least 10 minutes for the powder to set, this is called face baking and not baking a cake, lol.

During those ten minutes, instead of waiting with boredom, you can do other bits on your face for example: You can colour and shape your eyebrows, you can apply eye-shadow, apply your lip-liner and/or lipstick and if you like false lashes you can also apply those too, you will see how the time flies.

When those ten minutes are up, gently brush or blend the face powder away....

...Then see your face baking flawless magic.

Our Recommendations of face baking powders:

- Fenty beauty's Pro Filt'r Instant Retouch Setting Powder

- Huda beauty easy bake loose powder

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